Why give up great careers and a blessed life of opportunity?

If you’ve read some of our earlier posts then you may have noticed that this is a very important question to both of us.

In our urban lives we have both been working in very good jobs in many different countries around the world and with opportunities to go further up the ladder still knocking. So why leave it all and not get the house with white picket fence, SUV, children and all those things that seems to be the goal of our parents’ generation and even amongst our generation?

As informative as the news is, this last decade has been pretty downright depressing with destruction and disrespect for our planet and everything on it. All the warnings we’ve heard for multiple decades are now at a cataclysmic point where we are way too overpopulated with human beings. Then there is the social impact of the industrial revolution and engineering efficiency making it too easy for humans to be wasteful, demanding and not even think about every little action, decision and movement we make. All this has contributed to climate change being the reality it is now (seriously people, there can be no denying this… the evidence is clear) and one of these days something’s gotta give! 

This article by George Monbiot reminded me why we are here and I thought I would share this in more detail with you.

We as a species are over-farming and over-utilising this planet’s available resources. We as a human species are too many, and too greedy. Happily I feel that more and more people I know, are less likely to be duped by what media thinks it can get away with. People are slowly getting to grips with what activists have been saying for decades now and finally realising that climate change is real and cannot be denied.  

But is it enough to just know? How many of you accept that this is our fault as a human species? How many of you realise that it is up to each and every one of us to rectify this change? How many of you are committing to true active changes in their lives? True active personal changes include major things like stopping use of further oils and plastics completely, stop using a car, stopping buying stuff generally (all you need is healthy, fresh, organic and unprocessed food, shelter and water), or living a life off the grid, and minor things such as going vegetarian, being energy efficient and switching off all unnecessary lights and power switches.

Mostly the new people I meet are in more sustainable circles. Of my family and large network of friends only a handful even attempt to cut down their shopping sprees and only 1 I know actively reduces his plastic usage and cleans up the beach of rubbish on a regular basis.

At times it can feel overwhelming to realise the extent of humanity’s devastating impact to this planet. Yes we’ve been pioneers, we’ve achieved some amazing things but at what cost? Was it really for the greater good? Isn’t it wonderful that fascinating research into stem cells means we can possibly be more like the lizard and grow limbs at the snap of your fingers without any rejection issues? Or does this mean us humans will be more like the X-men, we’ll have a form of immortality and our population will grow larger and live longer requiring even more resources than we have.

There are several things we can do to help ourselves together with our local community :

  1. Reduce.  Do you really need all that stuff?
  2. Avoid plastic products and packaging where possible. There are so many whole foods stores now where you just need your tupperware box or previous flour containers and can top up directly to it rather than buying more plastic and transferring it to landfill.
  3. Grow your own organic vegetables and fruit. This means you won’t be pumping yourself and family full of chemicals from pesticides and the like used in agricultural farming. The produce is also tastier.  You will also increase your local food community such that you can swap different foods with your neighbours and reduce transport costs of the farmer and supermarkets interconnected industries.

This online article by Jill Suttie has also basically outlined another reason why we are out here, learning to be safari field guides. This is an incredible opportunity to really link or emotionally connect people to nature and hopefully inspire them into action. We’ve got a gazillion people out in the world with ideas on how to rectify our human folly but what we need is critical mass to turn the tide and reverse our impact. So this is one means to inspire more people into action.

I truly believe it is our responsibility to educate our family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and people we meet and to nudge them in a direction where they aren’t overwhelmed by the problem we are hurtling ourselves into and where they truly understand what they can do within their feasible reality (and then we need to work on expanding this comfort zone bit by bit!).

Having been here a few months now,  I have learnt a great deal about nature and conservation and am keen to do more in this space. There’s some great work being done out in the world such as the Transfrontier parks which are breaking down the fences between parks and letting nature have free reign, research into so many endangered species, anti-poaching units deployed all over the place. 

So watch this space, we will share more about the wonderful world we live in.


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