Chapter 1 complete

​Sad to be leaving camp after these incredible 6 months with a fun and talented group of individuals. An absolutely phenomenal experience with memories for a lifetime. Have loved every minute of it with all the laughs, even the drama, and definitely the mind-blowing learning about animals, plants, geology and life itself. Thank you Stephanie, Yosta, Massimo, Graham and all the staff. Good luck to our new friends with all your next adventures and careers!

Our last night had the most intense lightning storm we’ve ever had with wonderful rains filling up the pans all over again. Which of course meant no power and no shower… just like our first weeks in camp and first days in monkey camp! Full circle.

Our last sightings were spotted hyena who had created the haunting ambience of our first nights in the bush. Our last sounds early this morning were the lions.

As we left camp, we had a leguaan (monitor lizard), shongololo (millipede) and leopard tortoise (skilpad) all cross the highways (hopefully all successfully), and a Wahlberg’s eagle in a roadside tree. What a wonderful close of one chapter as we start the next.

We stopped in at a local Afrikaans pit stop on the way out and saw this sign:

Be the change you want the world (and your family and friends) to be. That’s what we’ve started. Hope you’re inspired.


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