As the sun sets

On our first few days at Hwange National Park where we are based to work with the rangers in conservation and anti-poaching assistance, we were informed of an incursion.

This park has had a rough few years with poachers hunting elephant for ivory and many other game also get affected.

Through our work with the rangers we were informed that two poachers were found and 3 sets of tusks were captured. As the sun set, we prepared to do another flight and watched as the rangers drove by with the meat from one of the elephant carcasses found. It was to go to the Painted Dog Conservancy nearby.

Having now been here a few weeks and driven around different parts of the park, I’ve seen 2 elephant carcasses. I’m not sure if they were from natural causes or otherwise.

The problem is real and it’s surreal to be around it. I’m honoured and glad that we have this opportunity to contribute to deterring and minimising this threat to these animals, our global heritage.


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