Grey-crowned Cranes

These stunning birds I first saw in a breeding farm in South Africa where they have a vulnerable status. In Botswana and Zimbabwe we were able to see them in the wild.

This pair from Hwange national park are so relaxed around vehicles and so beautiful in their plumage.

During breeding season you normally see them in pairs. I’ve only seen one solo bird hanging around the airstrip one day when we were test flying our drones after some maintenance updates and repairs.

I have yet to hear them call and do their mating display. They are called “mahem” in Afrikaans as this is the sound of their mournful call.


2 thoughts on “Grey-crowned Cranes”

  1. Ooh I was wondering if you saw them mating or pairing. They look like they would dance and make amazing calls 🙂

    Why is it grey crowned when they look yellow?


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