Best game drive ever

Last year at NJ More college, we created so many wonderful memories and there were so many days where we said to ourselves: ‘Could it really get any better than this?’

Then came the best day ever. This leopard was my personal highlight of this game drive and I was so rapt that I could capture it in the brief moment we were allowed into its world before it turned off into the thick veld.

Leopards are definitely my favourite predator. There’s something magical about them… their elusiveness leaves you mystified and wanting more, their instinctive nature to hunt or hide is mesmerising in its totality and physically they are solid yet elegant, strong but dainty & silent on their feet. Such an impressive animal to watch.

I am happy that they are so elusive as it helps them survive in this day and age of humans, the destroyers.

There are many stories of leopards and lions around the world being manhunters and whilst it is chilling to read, in some ways nature fighting back for its rightful place on this planet is heartwarming. It’s a shame that humans are so effective due to sheer numbers in outdoing nature. Happy to be part of those trying to rectify humanity’s mistakes.


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