Birding in Hwange 

During rainy season the bush is very thick so it’s not the best time for big game viewing. But summer is an amazing time for bird viewing as there are so many migratory birds around.

I also find that without the distraction of the big game then you do notice the birds more.

The featured image are a pair of cuddling laughing doves, appropriate for this Valentine’s week!

Below are some more birds from a game drive in Hwange.

Curious looking Knob-billed duck. Up close you get to see the beautiful aqua green colouring at his rear! Sensational.

The Lilac-breasted roller, one of my favourite birds due to the magnificent array of colours. It unfortunately has a horrible screeching call but it’s very distinct and is usually a lead into its aerobatic rolling when finding a mate.

I find birds of prey very difficult to identify. This one I think is a tawny eagle due to the yellow gape below the eye and the legs which aren’t stovepipe so can’t be a lesser spotted eagle and they aren’t broad so it’s not a steppe eagle. If you can confirm or identify correctly please do! I would appreciate it.


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