Cultural understanding 

Having spent a good portion of my time in Zululand of South Africa, I’ve tried to learn a bit about these beautiful people.

Firstly I’ve been trying to learn the language. I’ve a long way to go before I get more culturally aware but the following phrases are the first steps:

  • Sawabona – hello
  • Yeah Bo! (That’s what it sounds like, I’m not so sure about the spelling) – an emphatic greeting
  • Siyabonga – thank you

    We went to a zulu dancing and cultural centre in Natal where we learnt about how marriage takes place in zulu culture. It costs a man at least 11 cows to win a wife from her family. And they can have multiple wives… If they have sufficient cows!

    The zulu traditional dress includes using animal skins and fur, making colourful beadwork and assagai shields made from animal hide.

    Their music and dancing is joyous and energetic filled with rhythm and drums.

    Shamans from the zulu culture throw animals bones to see into the future and determine whether a woman is suitable as a wife.


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