The Little Five of Africa

Marketing of Safaris in Africa frequently refer to the Big Five, being the most acclaimed of African animals from the hunter’s perspective back in the day.

Africa’s Little Five includes the above elephant shrew, the rhinoceros beetle, the leopard tortoise, the antlion and the buffalo weaver.

As you can probably guess, it’s named for it’s trunk like snout but isn’t at all related to the elephant.
This wild elephant shrew was photographed at Marakele National Park. It scurried from rock cover to rock cover in a flash and yet was so comfortable darting beneath our legs as we sat on the rocks to observe.

IMG_2165edit - Copy

So of the Little Five, I’ve yet to see a rhinoceros beetle and have only managed to track antlion larvae and see the adult version of an antlion, being the lacewing.


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