In the dark of night

If you’re lucky on safari, you get to observe the most elusive of Africa’s big five, the leopard. Most of the time all you get is a fleeting glance before they disappear into the bush.

One night we were privileged beyond belief.

We were watching a movie in our self-made outdoor galactic cinema with projectors, and safari vehicles and beanbags as seating.  Some of the guys left the movie early to go get a good night’s sleep before another big day of learning. 

Suddenly we heard them come back. They said ‘Come, come, you’ve got to see this!’

Up we went and everyone went scurrying for flashlights. Down one end of camp across the marsh another flashlight was shone. A leopard. No! Two leopards canoodling under a tree on the geophasia bank!

Everyone was super quiet but in awe as we watched their interaction.

They looked comfortable enough for me to leave and grab my camera and tripod right on the other side of camp. I was praying that they would still be there when I got back. And with my very poor camera skills I was very happy to capture 1 decent photo of these two beautiful cats.

To watch them groom each other and make contact was sensational. Normally leopards are so solitary. Magical moments to treasure.


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