Bat-eared foxes

Easy to identify compared to most foxes, this mammal has conspicuously large ears used to listen for insects underground.  Its staple food is the harvester termite yet they also have been known to eat small rodents and fruit. The bat-eared fox also has the most teeth of Southern African mammals that I studied, which are shaped optimally for eating those tasty termites.

We were lucky enough at Marataba Game Reserve, South Africa to see the bat-eared foxes, like the ones on the featured image, on a regular basis. They are known for being very rare to spot on safari.

This photo above and below are from Central Kalahari Reserve, Botswana.

They are predominantly monogamous and we often saw them only in pairs, or as a family with young.

My favourite observation of these cute animals was watching them forage.  They crouch and put their ears low to the ground to listen for sounds underground.  When they know their food is arriving to the surface, they have this very accurate pounce and digging action.


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