Our aim in creating this blog is to share our passion for sustainability and being responsible citizens on this planet.

We’ve done a lot of things in recent years to work towards doing the right thing including:

  • learn to grow our own organic vegetables sustainably courtesy of North Sydney Harvest course.
  • reduce our processed foods, sugar and meat intake (especially after having watched documentaries such as Forks Over Knives, That Sugar Film, etc.
  • reduce, reuse, recycle – reduce what we need, what we use, don’t take it if we really don’t need it, reuse what we can, recycle what we can.
  • raised money for charity and went to Cambodia with Collaborative Futures Cambodia & RAW Impact to physically build a school for a remote village, build agricultural gardens for families who were displaced into super remote oppressive areas by government reclamation of valuable slum lands.
  • design sustainably holistic and energy efficient buildings.

And now we are doing what we can to learn about our earth’s natural heritage where life on earth started in Africa, with the aim to be able to spread the word, do our bit for nature conservation particularly for super threatened species such as the rhino and pangolin, and hopefully encourage more of you to get involved in helping our planet’s future.

This is our biggest challenge, as we have essentially given up what many would have said was a very cushy life for a year ahead to a future unknown.

We hope you enjoy and are inspired into action.


Wild changes for life. Life for the wild. Conservation in action.