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True green

Southern Africa is truly blessed to have over 300 species of birds. The variety of sizes, shapes, colours and lifestyles of these birds makes Africa such a wonderful place for people to fall in love with birding.

My favourite birds tend to be the most colourful ones like the rollers and bee-eaters. 

For some birds like the bee-eaters and starlings, the colour we see isn’t actually the colour of their feathers but through a trick of lighting called iridescence or due to the structure of the feathers with air cavities playing up that light refraction.

Down in the garden route of South Africa, we have the Knysna Turaco, picture above, similar in size to a Grey Go Away bird. This is one of few birds that have truly green feathers. 

During a recent trip to Knysna (before the recent horrific fires), I was fortunate enough to be able to observe so many of these birds.  

They are stunning and even more so when they take off and fly giving you a glimpse of the bright red underneath their wings!

Learning about birds in South Africa has truly made being out in the bush and on game drives that much more rewarding and breathtaking.