Botswana Part 4 – Central Kalahari – December 2016

We visited Deception Valley in the Central Kalahari and at this time of year it was not what we thought of when we think Kalahari! But it was amazing to see the change all the same.



Botswana Part 3 – Lifers – December 2016

Birding has become a new hobby that I have grown to love here in Africa for several reasons: 1) so many birds here are stunning in the colours that you see 2) there are SOOO many of them  and 3) learning about their individual characteristics truly makes it more than just a little thing flying in the air!

Lifers are new birds that you haven’t ever seen before and can add to your life list of birds (proper birders keep a tally!).

So here are some of my new lifers from this Botswana trip.

Botswana Part 2 – Okavango Delta – December 2016

What you see in TV documentaries and photos does not do the Okavango Delta justice.  What an incredible mind-blowing part of the world.  Absolutely stunning.

Botswana Part 1 – Nata Salt Pans – December 2016

Our first stop on our trip was to the Botswana Salt Pans near Nata.

Incredible expanse of salt marshlands which used to be flooded like the Okavango way back when.

We had a great time birding here and getting a first taste of 4×4’ing.

October 2016 – Snake Handling Course

At our course we had the opportunity to learn how to correctly handle snakes, and also see in real life the venomous snakes we have been learning about.  This is an important skill as when we work as nature field guides we may be called upon to help guests with snakes in their rooms.  With summer around the corner we will probably see more of these in the wild, but as yet, they have been quite shy.  So we were introduced to these ones first.

July 2016 – Kwazulu-Natal Province, South Africa

July 2016 – Mpumalanga Province, South Africa